Year 12 Students Shine at the Inaugural Physical Literacy Summit

On May 15th, three of our exceptional Year 12 students, Carla V, Caytlin S, and Charli P, had the opportunity to attend the first-ever Physical Literacy Summit held at the Tennis Centre in Marrara. Accompanied by teachers Ahna Hawkett and Gemma Cusack, our students immersed themselves in discussions and presentations from an array of local and interstate keynote speakers.

The summit provided an in-depth exploration of Physical Literacy, a comprehensive approach that integrates physical, physiological, social, and cognitive development to enhance movement proficiency and overall well-being in our society. This holistic perspective is increasingly important as recent statistics reveal that 40-80% of Australians are not meeting the recommended physical activity levels outlined in the Australian Guidelines.

The implications of these statistics extend beyond physical health. The summit highlighted that insufficient physical activity not only affects mental and social health but also has significant repercussions on academic performance and school attendance. The insights gained from this event underscored the critical need to promote Physical Literacy to foster healthier, more active, and academically successful communities.

Our students returned inspired and informed, ready to advocate for the benefits of Physical Literacy within our school. We are proud of Carla, Caytlin, and Charli for their participation and look forward to seeing the positive impact they will undoubtedly make in promoting active, healthy lifestyles.